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Surf Forecast

Surfing in Puerto

The surf in Puerto is seasonal, varying from small to medium in size during the dry season (November to April), and from small to big during the rainy season (beginning in early May). We like to operate in the dry season, which is the perfect time to learn, and there are still plenty of waves to satisfy the beginner to more experienced surfers. Between the three main breaks, Carrizalillo, Zicatela and La Punta, it's usually no problem to find somewhere for surfers of any ability to find some waves. It's also a lot more fun to come at this time of year - the temperature is hot – high 20s and low 30s (°C) but nothing like it is in the summer - when highs can reach the 40s. Tourism also drops off in the summer, so the bars are less lively and there's less people to meet. That being said, you won't be waiting outside a bar at any point in Puerto.

Our Surf School Program

We have theory first, then some time on the simulator and lessons in proper paddling techniques before we get you into the water. Unlike some schools, where you get a quick beach lesson and then they throw you to the waves, we make sure you have a solid foundation so you can get the most out our your short vacation! We run the lessons in pairs, you can choose to do it with your travelling companion, or, if there is a large difference in ability, we can pair you with someone more advanced - it's up to you.